1. A letter of request for Membership

2. Company Profile (at least a description about the Company)

3.   Company contact details

4.   Agencies represented

5.   Company Wholesale License

6.   Certificate from Registrar of Companies (Form 48) – A certified true copy from the Registrar of Companies

7.   Certificate of Incorporation

8.   Category of Business

9.   Annual Subscription (for the calendar year) & Registration Fee (onetime payment) – Membership will be
granted only upon payment of the full fees
Importer/Manufacturer/Liaison Office – Rs. 150,000/-
Distributor/Retailer – Rs. 70,000/-
Associate Member – Rs. 115,000/-


Registration Fee – Rs. 50,000/-

10. Local Directors’ Name/s (at least one (01) Director should be a Sri Lankan)

11. A Profile statement of the Directors.
– Name:
– 5 Year History
– Employment/Business details
– Noteworthy achievements
– History of any Litigation

12. Change of Directors – To be notified and the new Directors should sign the SLCPI Code of Conduct.

13. An interview will be held with the Membership Committee.

14. Approval of SLCPI Membership application will be done at the Executive Council Meeting which is
held once a month.

15. Names of two (02) Member Companies as Referees – to be stated in the SLCPI Membership