Government & Regulators

Ministry of Health,

Ministry of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution,

Ministry of Science, Technology & Research,

Ministry of Finance,

National Medicines Regulatory Authority,

Ministry of Consumer Affairs Authority,

Sri Lanka Standards Institution,

State Pharmaceuticals Corporation,

Office of the Provincial Director of Health Services,

Public Health Inspector’s Union,

World Health Organization,

Institute of Policy Studies,

Department of Ayurveda,

Central Bank,


Chambers / Associations / Council / Union / Society

Sri Lanka Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association, Sri Lanka Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics,

Private Health Services Regulatory Council,

Government Medical Officers Association,

Society of General Medical Practitioners,

Health Informatics Society,

Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka,

Sri Lanka Medical Association,

Sri Lanka Medical Council,

Faculty of Medicine Teachers Association-Colombo,

Sri Lanka Nurses Association,

Sri Lanka Nursing Council,

Neurosurgeons Association,

Pharma Promotors Association,

Sri Lanka Dental Association,

Institute for Health Policy,

Independent Medical Practitioners Association,

Sri Lanka Association of Testing Laboratories,

Private Medical Laboratories Association,

Menopause Society of Sri Lanka,

National Science Foundation,

Sri Lanka Retailers’ Association,

Organisation of Professional Associations,

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce,

European Chamber of Commerce,

International Chamber of Commerce,

American Chamber of Commerce,

Patient Group ‘Mithuruwela’

Colombo Business Association

Ceylon Medical College Council,


APACPH Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health,

Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo,

Medical Research Institute Sri Lanka,

National Institute of Health Sciences,

SOE’s – State-owned enterprise

National Hospital of Sri Lanka,

State Pharmaceutical Corporation,

Medical Supply Division,

State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation,

Outside Sri Lanka:

Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics,

Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health,

European Medicines Agency,

International Pharmaceutical Federation,

World Medical Innovation Forum,

FDA Food and Drug Administration, EMA European Medicines Agency, MHRA Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency,